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Cutting Edge Materials Research

Located in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge, our group is dedicated to conducting world class research into materials problems.

Industry Interactions:

  • Camfridge Ltd - exploring a new range of magnetocaloric compounds for use in a novel solid-state refrigerator that are clean, green and gas-free

  • FerroEnergy - developing materials for electrocaloric refrigeration

  • GreenPB - developing a revolutionary method of recycling lead-acid battery paste using environmentally friendly and economic household chemicals to recover the lead content directly in the form of lead oxide

  • Metalysis Ltd - exploiting the FFC-Cambridge electro-deoxidation process for low-energy extraction of metals

  • Enviromental Monitoring & Control Ltd - A start-up company founded by Professor Fray and Dr Kumar with industrial partner Dr Henson in order to transfer technology from university to industry manufacturing cutting-edge solid ionic sensors for monitoring hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide & trioxide, and on-board diagnostics sensing for a variety of applications

  • Solutions 4 Hydrogen Pvt. Ltd - A start-up company founded by Dr Kumar in order to manufacture instruments for leak detection, safety monitoring and process control with applications in power plants, chemical industry, transportation, back-up battery rooms, space applications and many others

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