Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

MPhil - Course NE.04 (Lent term, core)

Nanofabrication Techniques
Zoe Barber, Mark Blamire

This course introduces the techniques employed in the fabrication of nanoscale devices. After an overview of past, present and future areas of device application from the microscale to the nanoscale, the first half of the course deals with basic patterning techniques (lithography, and etching), thin film deposition processes, growth and microstructure, , while the second half of the course goes into more detail on conventional patterning techniques (photolithography, electron beam lithography) and their limitations, and how these may be overcome by emerging technologies such as focussed ion beam lithography, scanning probe lithography, soft lithography and biomolecular patterning. Specific examples of device fabrication and their requirements provide an insight into the selection criteria for different fabrication methods.