Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Year 3 - Part II - Courses

C1: Introduction to Materials Modelling
Dr JA Elliott (Michaelmas Term, 6 lectures)

C2: Electrochemistry
Dr RV Kumar (Michaelmas Term, 6 lectures)

C3: Optical Properties of Materials
Dr C Ducati (Lent Term, 6 lectures)

C4: Electrical and Magnetic Properties (1)
Prof ND Mathur (Michaelmas Term, 6 lectures)

C5: Electrical and Magnetic Properties (2)
Prof MG Blamire (Lent Term, 6 lectures)

C6: Crystallography
Prof HKDH Bhadeshia (Michaelmas Term, 9 lectures)

C7: Solidification Processing
Prof TW Clyne (Michaelmas Term, 6 lectures)

C8: High Temperature Stability
Dr HJ Stone (Michaelmas Term, 6 lectures)

C9: Alloys
Dr ER Wallach (Lent Term, 9 lectures)

C10: Structure & Properties of Polymers
Dr JA Elliott (Lent Term, 12 lectures)

C11: Thermal Analysis
Dr NA Rutter (Michaelmas Term, 4 lectures)

C12: Plasticity and Deformation Processing
Dr KM Knowles (Michaelmas Term, 9 lectures)

C13: Ceramics
Prof WJ Clegg (Michaelmas Term, 9 lectures)

C14: Optical, X-Ray & Neutron Diffraction
Dr NG Jones (Lent Term, 4 lectures)

C15: Fracture and Fatigue
Dr CMF Rae (Lent Term, 9 lectures)

C16: Composite Materials
Prof TW Clyne (Lent Term, 12 lectures)

C17: Heat & Mass Transfer
Dr RV Kumar (Easter Term, 6 lectures)

C18: Biomedical Materials
Prof SM Best (Easter Term, 6 lectures)

C19: Electron Microscopy
Dr C Ducati (Michaelmas Term, 6 lectures)

C20: Atomic Force Microscopy
Dr RA Oliver (Michaelmas Term, 4 lectures)

E1: Mathematical Methods
Dr JA Leake (Michaelmas Term, 3 lectures)

E2: Tensors
Prof TW Clyne and Dr PD Bristowe (Michaelmas Term, 2 lectures)