Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Year 4 - Part III / MASt - Course M13

Magnetic and Superconducting Materials - Dr S C Hopkins

Magnetism is a familiar concept in our everyday lives and has been exploited for thousands of years. Superconducting materials are a distinct class of magnetic materials whose industrial applications have rapidly developed since the 1960s. Consequently the study of materials that exhibit magnetic and superconducting properties is an important part of Materials Science.

The development of an understanding of magnetism (and its relation to electricity) was a tour de force of 19th century physics. The study of magnetism is a staple component of physical science courses (and increasingly some biological subjects) at every level. As Material Scientists, however, our interest is primarily in how the properties of materials give rise to magnetic effects. The course will equip you to understand how the magnetic and superconducting properties of materials arise and how they can be controlled.

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