Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Year 4 - Part III / MASt - Course M13

Superconducting Materials and Devices - Dr S C Hopkins and Prof M G Blamire

Superconductivity was only discovered a little over a century ago and, although it can only be observed at cryogenic temperatures, it enables both the sensitive measurement of very small magnetic fields and the generation of very high fields, with applications from medical diagnostics to high energy physics. In its second century, superconductivity has a large role to play in meeting energy needs, increasing energy efficiency, and supporting renewable generation and distribution of electricity.

The focus of this course is on the materials science of superconducting materials and devices. After briefly covering the nature and origins of superconductivity, this course will investigate how materials properties for electrical and magnetic applications can be optimised and how superconducting devices operate and are applied.

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