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Welcome to Cambridge University's Rolls-Royce UTC (University Technology Centre) website. This site is intended to give a flavour of our activities, provide details of available projects and information on how to contact us.

For details of PhD opportunities related to materials research for aerospace applications in the group and throughout the department click here

Our Research Area

Nickel-base superalloys find application in the very hottest parts of the gas turbine engine, where under some operating conditions the temperature of the gas steam can exceed 1500C. Currently, no other material is able to offer the combination of high temperature strength and microstructural stability, resistance to fatigue and oxidation/corrosion, high stiffness and acceptable density which these alloys provide. Our research focuses on the relationship between the processing, microstructure, behaviour and performance of these alloys.

The Group

The Group is headed by Dr. Howard Stone and Dr. Cathie Rae.

The Group has four postdoctoral research associates (Dr. Hon Tong Pang, Michele Scervini, Ayan Bhowmik and Dr. Nicholas Jones)and fourteen doctoral students John Aveson, Paul Mignanelli, Olivier Messe, Feng Li, Steve Leyland , Caroline Goddard, Ana Casanova, Robbie Bennett, Alexander Knowles?, Joe Bennett?, Katerina Christofidou, Steven Laine?, Matthew Appleton? and Narges Tabrizi).

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