Computer-Aided Design Of Revolutionary Superalloys (CADORS)

an EU Horizon 2020 collaboration between the University of Nantes and the University of Cambridge

CADORS: An Introduction

Prof. Franck Tancret*

New metallic materials (alloys): why and what for?


Transportation industry:

aeronautical, railway and car industries,

ship building

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  • ⇒ Lighter aluminium alloys for fuselage and structural parts
  • ⇒ Titanium alloys for structural parts and “cold” parts of engines
  • ⇒ High strength steels for landing gears and structural car parts
  • ⇒ Nickel-based superalloys in “hot” areas of aeroengines
  • ⇒ Energy-absorbing steels for car crash resistance
  • ⇒ ...


Energy industry:

nuclear or coal-fired (ultra-) supercritical power plants,

oil and gas industry, chemical engineering



  • ⇒ Temperature resistant steels and nickel alloys for power plant
  • ⇒ Oxidation and/or metal dusting resistant Fe-Ni-Cr alloys for chemical engineering
  • ⇒ Corrosion and/or hydrogen embrittlement resistant alloys for oil and gas industry
  • ⇒ ...

New metallic materials (alloys): how?


  • The traditional way: trial-and-error
    • Fabricate a new alloy and test it
    • It does not work? Modify its composition, fabricate it, and test it
    • etc...

⇒ Very long, very expensive

⇒ Good alloys, but not optimised alloys (i.e. not the best possible)


  • Our way: computational alloy design
    • Predict the properties of any alloy as a function of composition
    • Optimise composition to design alloys with tailored properties = combinatorial metallurgy to design “made-to-measure” alloys

⇒ Faster = accelerated alloy design

⇒ Less expensive

⇒ The best possible alloys for given applications

⇒ A positive impact on European society and economy


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* Contact:

Franck Tancret
Université de Nantes
Polytech Nantes
Institut des Matériaux de Nantes – Jean Rouxel (IMN)
BP 50609
44306 Nantes Cedex 3
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