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Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 -
14:00 to 17:00
Event Location: 

Goldsmiths 2

Determining the local orientation of crystals in engineering and geological materials has become routine with the advent of modern crystallographic mapping techniques such as: electron backscatter diffraction, X-ray tomography, transmission Kikuchi diffraction and scanning precession electron diffraction. These techniques enable many thousands of orientation measurements to be made, directing attention towards how such data are best analysed and visualised.

Three-dimensional orientation spaces offer a natural means to visualise and analyse orientation mapping data. However, there has been relatively little uptake of this notion in the experimental community. This workshop provides a hands-on practical introduction to the visualisation of orientation and misorientation data in three-dimensional orientation spaces aimed at experimentalists.

This workshop is aimed at those who have acquired, or will acquire, crystallographic orientation mapping data and want to explore new ways to analyse this data.

Requirements: Laptop with Matlab installed and MTEX downloaded.


All welcome.  Hosted by Duncan Johnstone and Robert Krakow.