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10 May 2018

The IoM3 (Premier Awards) Gold Medal and Griffith Medal & Prize have been awarded to members of the Department.  Congratulations to Dr Howard Stone (and his team) and Prof Ruth Cameron!

The Gold Medal has been awarded to the Materials Strategic Partnership. This is a premier award presented to a company, team or individual who has made a significant contribution to the industrial application of materials.  The Materials Strategic Partnership is a 10 year programme, funded by Rolls-Royce and the EPSRC, lead by Howard.

The Griffith Medal & Prize has been awarded to Ruth.  This award is made in recognition of distinguished work that has made or is making a notable contribution to any branch of materials science. Ruth’s work in the materials science of regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical delivery was deemed truly outstanding by the awarding body.

Other members to receive IoM3 awards (Personal Achievement) are Profs Lindsay Greer and Judith Driscoll.  The John Hunt Medal (awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the science and/or technology of casting and solidification of metals) was awarded to Lindsay and the Kroll Medal and Prize (awarded in recognition of significant contribution that has enhanced the scientific understanding of materials chemistry as applied to the industrial production of materials, normally inorganic) to Judith.

Visit the IoM3 website for further details on why these were deserving recipients of the awards -