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23 November 2020

Thank you to the Chairs, panelists, and the 262 participants who joined us for our first virtual event celebrating the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy's 100th anniversary. This was the first of several events we will be hosting this year to celebrate 100 years of Materials Science research and teaching at Cambridge.   

A recording of the event where panelists provided highlights of past and present research in the Department and perspectives on the future of materials research is now available to view online at:

Photo: (top) Prof Lindsay Greer, Dr Malavika Nair, Dr Bartomeu Monserrat, Prof Sir Colin Humphreys; (middle) Prof Sir Anthony Cheetham, Prof Sir Harry Bhadeshia, Prof Manish Chhowalla, Dr Rachel Evans; (bottom) Dr Louise Hirst, Prof Ruth Cameron.