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February, 2018

High performance energy storage devices are in very high demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and other high temperature capacitor applications, where it is critical to store and deliver energy quickly. Ferroelectric materials have high capacitance and can deliver energy more quickly than conventional batteries, while batteries have higher energy density.  We have developed a novel Pb-free ferroelectric which combines BaTiO3 and BiFeO3. The material has high energy density, high dielectric breakdown strength, and flat capacitance from 100°C to 300°C and is superior to other Pb-free candidate systems owing to its easier processability.

Figure: Simple high energy density Pb-free titanate perovskite developed in this work compared to standard Pb-based ferroelectrics and other more complex Pb-free films.

SH Cho, C Yun, H Wang, J Jian, W Zhang, J Huang, X Wang, H Wang and JL MacManus-Driscoll, "Strongly Enhanced Ferroelectric and Dielectric Properties in Lead-Free Perovskite Titanate Thin Films by Alloying", Nano Energy (2018)

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