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Royal Society Tata University Research Fellow

MEng/BEng (MatSci&Eng) University of Leeds 
PHD University of Cambridge

High-resolution and 3D electron microcopy, compressed sensing and catalysis

As a member of the Electron Microscopy Group I have research interests in both high-resolution and three-dimensional transmission electron microscopy. Applied to electron tomography in particular, I have sought out novel methodological approaches using so-called 'compressed sensing'; a sampling and recovery strategy capable of reconstructing signals from far fewer measurements than traditional approaches suggest are necessary. My research also has a strong focus on the elucidation of nanoparticle and atomic cluster morphology, often in the context of heterogeneous catalysis.

Composite colour image showing five surface plasmon modes (labelled α - ε) on a silver nanocube (100nm across) reconstructed using 4D spectrum-tomography (see O. Nicoletti et al., Nature502 80-84 (2013).)
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