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Deputy Director, SKF University Technology Centre for Steels (the UTC will close on 31st March 2017)

BEng Swansea University
MPhil Swansea University
PhD Swansea University

Ferrous Alloy Design

My work specializes in alloy and process design in the context of steels for complex engineering applications where component failure can lead to major consequences. Much of my research has therefore been focused on critical components in aeroengines, automobiles, stress-cancelling welding alloys, deep-ocean structures and now, bearings.

Steel for bearings

The combination of a deep knowledge of physical metallurgy, theory and detailed experiments can form an effective basis for design of new steels for demanding applications, even though there may exist a myriad of parameters that need simultaneous optimisation. Additional complexity arises because the alloys must be able to be manufactured with ease and at a cost that is affordable.  These are the challenges that I address in the context of bearing steels and their associated processing. Bearing technology represents some of the most advanced engineering in existence, with implications on machines ranging from gigantic wind turbines to engines rotating at 25,000 revolutions per minute.


The ferrite (red) and austenite (blue) phase map and the manganese concentration distribution in strong ultrafine-grained duplex steel.
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