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" The MASt in Materials Science exposed me to a broad-range of state-of-the-art research areas in the Department and triggered my interest in functional materials and materials for energy efficient LEDs."





This Master's level course is integrated with the existing Part III (4th year) course in Materials Science. It is suitable for students who have already studied Materials Science to at least Bachelor level and have achieved (or expect to achieve) first class honours. It can also be taken by students who have already started, or completed, a Masters level course elsewhere.

The course is largely focussed on highlighting the latest developments in the subject. Many of the lecture courses concern cutting-edge topics and provide a natural springboard for future research, which could be undertaken in industry, research institutes or academia. While the course is certainly not exclusively for those planning a research career, it provides a valuable insight into advanced study of the subject. A major component of the course is the individual research project, undertaken within one of the research groups in the Department.

Further details on the course are found on the dedicated course website.


CamGuides - a free online resource for all Master's students with a taught element, designed as an introduction to some of the academic, digital and research practices that they will engage in at the University of Cambridge. It encourages students to think about ways they can prepare for their Master’s degree before it starts.