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Seeing colour in glasses at the nanoscale

January, 2019

S. M. Collins, D. M. Kepaptsoglou, K. T. Butler, L. Longley, T. D. Bennett, Q. M. Ramasse, P. A. Midgley, "Subwavelength Spatially Resolved Coordination Chemistry of Metal–Organic Framework Glass Blends", J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140 (51) (2018) 17862–17866

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Liquid Metal-Organic Frameworks

November, 2017

R. Gaillac, P. Pullumbi, K. A. Beyer, K. W. Chapman, D. A. Keen, T. D. Bennett and F.-X. Coudert, "Liquid metal–organic frameworks", Nature Materials 16, 1149–1154 (2017)

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Shaping ‘Soft’ Materials via Gel Based Design

April, 2017

B. Bueken, N. Van Velthoven, T. Willhammar, T. Stassin, I. Stassen, D. A. Keen, G. V. Baron, J. F. M. Denayer, R. Ameloot, S. Bals, D. De Vos and T. D. Bennett, "Gel-Based Morphological Design of Zirconium Metal-organic Frameworks", Chem. Sci. (2017).

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Increasing Mechanical Complexity in Chemically Complex Materials

January, 2017

T. D. Bennett, A. K. Cheetham, A. H. Fuchs and F. X. Coudert, "Interplay between Defects, Disorder and Flexibility in Metal–Organic Frameworks", Nature Chemistry (2016).

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Melt-Quenched Hybrid Glasses

February, 2017

H. Tao, T. D. Bennett and Y. Yue, "Melt-Quenched Hybrid Glasses from Metal-organic Frameworks", Advanced Materials (2017) 1601705.

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