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Part IA

Part IA Materials Rolls Royce Prizes

Matthew Feuer (JE)
Owain Houghton (Q)


Part IB

Part IB Materials Cottrell Prize

Bradley Rowlands (DOW)


Part II

Part II Armourers and Brasiers' Prize

Joe Moore (SID)

Part II CEGB Prize

Louis McBride (K)

Part II Armourers and Brasiers' AWE

Zhixian [Jeremy] Duan (SE)
Joe Grimwood (JE)
August Hepp (F)
Graham Kimbell (CL)
Chris May-Miller (JE)
Sean Telford (CHU)
Tian [Fred] Zhu (JE)


Part III

Part III Goldsmiths' Medal and Prize

James Devine-Stoneman (JN)

Part III Armourers and Brasiers Medal and Prize

John Feighan (T)

Part III IOM3 Prize

Malavika Nair (CHU)

Part III Armourers and Brasiers' Departmental Prize

Tim Crowter (JE)
Josh Michaels (TH)


Department Demonstrator Prizes

Tom Furnival
Duncan Johnstone


Teaching Associate Prize

Dr David Bosworth


Department Teaching Prize

Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan