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Location:  ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland

Number of placements: upto 6 (4 hosts)

  • Professor Laura Heyderman: Mesoscopic Systems (2 students - one based at ETH and one based at PSI - both hosted and administered via ETH since Prof Heyderman is a Chair at ETH and also heads a group based at PSI.)
  • Professor Joerg Loeffler: Metal Physics and Technology (2 students)
  • Professor Ralph Spolenak: Nanometallurgy (1 student)
  • Professor Markus Niederberger: Multifunctional Materials (1 students)

Period of placements: 7-8 weeks between July and mid-September

Accommodation arrangements: CHF 600-650 (~£450-500) per month.  Advice is given on locating suitable accommodation through the central exchange office at ETH, for the placements based at ETH.  The PSI based placement is likely to be accommodated in the guest house at the institute, if a room is available, and will be charged at approximately CHF 25 per night (~£20)

Travel costs: CHF 62 (~£50) per month for travel card

Tuition Fees: CHF 290 + CHF 69 (covered by bursary)

Registration information: Please note that students accepted onto a CaMPUS placement hosted through ETH must complete the required ETH registration information, with supporting documents, by 2 months before the placement commences (3 months if the student requires a visa to enter Switzerland) otherwise a late fee of CHF 150 (which the student will be responsible for) will also apply to the Tuition Fees .

Financial support from hosts: CHF 830 (~£625) for 6-week stay, CHF 1100 (~£830) for 8-week stay

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:The Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule in Zurich is one of the two Federal Swiss Universities (the other being at the EPFL at Lausanne). Zurich is a prosperous and attractive city, at the head of the Zurichsee lake. The ETHZ, which is located close to the historic centre, has an excellent reputation for research in materials-related areas. Placements are available in the areas listed below. The students should have some experience in the field in which the group is active.

For those interested in Prof Heyderman's projects, the profile of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) can be found on the PSI placement page.  Please note, PSI is based Villigen approx 35 km north of Zurich.

Project areas:
Mesoscopic systems, metal physics and technology, nanometallurgy, multifunctional materials

URL for further information: and

Contact: Prof Peter Walde