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Location: Vienna, Austria

Number of placements: 1

Period of placements:  June-July (6-9 weeks)

Accommodation arrangements: Free Host will assist with finding accommodation, which may be via "OEAD" ( which runs a housing office (

Financial support from hosts: Accommodation provided free

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:
Vienna, the capital of Austria, is an exceptionally attractive city, located towards the eastern end of the country. once the capital of the Habsburg Empire, Vienna remains one of the most important centres of European culture. The Vienna University of Technology was founded in 1815 as Imperial-Royal Polytechnical Institute. It was the first University of Technology within present-day German-speaking Europe. The Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics is located close to the main historic building of the University, which both are near to the historic city center.

Project areas:
(Nanomaterials and composites group)

URL for further information:​

Contact: Prof. Christian Edtmaier