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Location:  Materials Science Department, Erlangen, Germany

Number of placements: 2 (2 host)

Period of placements: 8 weeks July to August

Accommodation arrangements: Free

Financial support from hosts: Accommodation provided free

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:
Erlangen is an attractive old city with a baroque city center situated in Bavaria, in Germany's south. Larger cities like Nuernberg and Munich with their sightseeing attraction are easy to reach. The surroundings offer many possibilities for outdoor activities, like hiking, swimming, ...

The Materials Science Department, funded in 1966, consists of nine chairs with 19 full-time professors and more than 280 employees. It is one of the largest departments in its field in Europe. Due to its wide and excellent scientific activities it has gained a strong international reputation. There are close links with industrial companies in the area, like Siemens, BMW, Audi, Adidas, ...

Project areas:
Mechanical properties of structural materials, high temperature-metals, light metals, crystalline diamond coatings, advanced glasses, ceramics, composites, surfaces and interfaces, corrosion and corrosion protection, functional polymers, materials for electronics and energy technology, biomaterials

URL for further information:, (1) and (2)

Contact: Dagmar Senft, (1) Professor Carolin Koerner and (2) Professor Mathias Goeken