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Prof Z H Barber

Within this course, thin films are defined as solid films formed from a vapour source, built up by controlled condensation of individual atomic, molecular, or ionic species. It generally concerns film thickness of a few microns or less. Heterostructures and interfaces are also relevant.

The different vapour deposition techniques are described, followed by a discussion of the nucleation and growth of films, and the resultant film microstructures. Film properties, and methods of characterisation are then discussed. An emphasis is given to the control of film growth, through control of the deposition methods, and the link between film structure and properties.

A final section on research applications, and scale-up, pulls together some of the themes.

This lecture course will cover:

  • Deposition Techniques: Physical Vapour Deposition (Evaporation, Sputtering, Laser Ablation / PLD); Chemical Vapour Deposition; Deposition Systems
  • Growth Processes: Nucleation; Epitaxial Growth; Growth Structures
  • Film Properties & Characterisation: Film Stress; Film Thickness; Microstructure; Real Time Analysis; Electrical Characterisation; Mechanical Characterisation
  • Applications: Research Applications / Industrial Applications & Scale