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Statements regarding teaching in academic year 2021-2022 (Correct as of 13 September 2021)

Part IA

Managing IA timetable clashes

Materials Science lectures will be delivered asynchronously in batches.  Should a practical class slot in another subject clash with a nominal Materials Science lecture timetable slot, you can watch the recording of the Materials Science lecture at another suitable time.

Part IB

Part II/Part III

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance, we have had to make some changes to the programme in order to mitigate against risks to health and to give you the best possible academic experience in the circumstances. We will continue to monitor and respond to the changing public health situation.

The changes are:

All course work will continue to run as before, but aspects such as presentations and other in person activities may be reconfigured or subject to social distancing as appropriate.

Project work (e.g. Alloy Design Project in Part II, and Individual Research Project in Part III) will continue to be delivered in person as far as possible and learning outcomes will be unchanged.

The provision for Small Group Teaching (e.g. supervisions or examples classes) will go ahead as before but in some cases may be run remotely.

Full details of how the course will be run will be provided via Moodle and updates via e-mail.

We anticipate no substantial changes to the course content and modes of assessment and expect that the course will continue to be accredited by the relevant professional body (IoM3).

Students registered for courses offered by the Department will find all the relevant resources and materials on Moodle (links below). A valid Raven ID and password will be required to log-in, as will membership of the relevant course site. The Teaching Office will enrol you automatically. If you find that you cannot access the required Moodle course, then you should make contact via

Summaries of the topics covered by each cohort are found via the relevant links in the left navigation (and on Moodle). Other more general Department information is found on the Intranet.

Part IA

Students will be expected to attend lectures and weekly practical sessions (NST Part IA: Materials Science).

Part IB

Students will be expected to attend lectures and weekly practical sessions (NST Part IB: Materials Science).

Part II

In addition to attending lectures, students will be expected to attend a small number of practical sessions, complete a Literature review assignment, complete a group Techniques project (based on an introduction to modern methods for the structural and chemical characterisation of materials), participate in the Business & Industry course, and undertake a transferable skills options (languages, computing, eduction/outreach). Finally, there is a Vacation Report which must be submitted at the beginning of Part II or Part III (NST Part II: Materials Science).

Part III

In addition to attending lectures, students will undertake an Individual Research Project. Also, if a Vacation Report was not submitted at the start of Part II then it must be submitted at the start of Part III (NST Part III: Materials Science).