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Location: Leoben, Austria

Number of placements: 1 (Please note they can only accept students who will not require a visa to visit Austria due to the way that they make a contract to pay the bursary funds).

Period of placements:  2 months between July and September (full calendar months necessary)

Accommodation arrangements: 300-400 Euro (~£270-360) per month (assistance will be given in finding accommodation)

Financial support from hosts: 1800 Euro (~£1500) for 2 months (local taxes and compulsory health insurance will be deducted from this leaving 1100-1300 Euro, ~£910-1080)

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:
The Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science from the Austrian Academy of Sciences is a national research institute with a strong focus on nanostructural materials, microstructure, and mechanical properties. The investigated materials stretch from metals and alloys to composites, thin films. Specialities of the institute are several in-situ test methods to obtain local information on the mechanical response of materials and severe plastic deformation to produce novel materials. The institute hosts about 60 employees, currently from 10 different countries including approximately 20 graduate students.

Project areas:
Severe plastic deformation of new nanomaterials, bulk metallic glasses, mechanical or thermal behavior of nanomaterials and/or metallic films used in rigid and flexible electronics.

URL for further information: and

Contact: Dr Megan Cordill