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Location:  ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland

Number of placements: upto 4 (3 hosts)

  • Professor Joerg Loeffler: Metal Physics and Technology (2 students)
  • Professor Ralph Spolenak: Nanometallurgy (1 student)
  • Professor Pietro Gambardella: Magnetism and Interface Physics (specifically on "Spintronics" or "Properties of magnetic thin films" ) (1 student)

Period of placements: 7-8 weeks between July and mid-September

Accommodation arrangements: CHF 600-650 (~£450-500) per month.  Advice is given on locating suitable accommodation via information provided by the central exchange office at ETH.

Travel costs: CHF 62 (~£45) per month for Junior - 6-25 years travel card

Tuition Fees: CHF 290 + CHF 69 (covered by bursary)

Registration information: Please note that students accepted onto a CaMPUS placement hosted through ETH must complete the required ETH registration information, with supporting documents, by 2 months before the placement commences (3 months if the student requires a visa to enter Switzerland) otherwise a late fee of CHF 150 (which the student will be responsible for) will also apply to the Tuition Fees .

Financial support from hosts: CHF 830 (~£615) for 6-week stay, CHF 1100 (~£815) for 8-week stay

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:The Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule in Zurich is one of the two Federal Swiss Universities (the other being at the EPFL at Lausanne). Zurich is a prosperous and attractive city, at the head of the Zurichsee lake. The ETHZ, which is located close to the historic centre, has an excellent reputation for research in materials-related areas. Placements are available in the areas listed below. The students should have some experience in the field in which the group is active.

Project areas:
Metal physics and technology, nanometallurgy, magnetism and interface physics 

URL for further information: and

Contact: Prof Peter Walde