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Location:  HZG-Geesthacht, Germany

Number of placements: 1

Period of placements: 8 weeks during July-Sept

Accommodation arrangements:  300-400 Euro (~£240-330) per month

Financial support from hosts: 600 Euro (~£485) per month

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:
A total of about 860 employees is involved in coastal and materials research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht which is located in Geesthacht and in Teltow, in the south of Berlin.

The main focus of the research in the Magnesium Innovation Centre (MagIC) is the development of magnesium-based materials for diverse applications, for example in the transport and medical engineering sectors. Special emphasis is placed on alloy development and on the optimization of existing and new processing technologies. Science-based fundamental research and practice-oriented investigations are necessary in order to produce magnesium materials with the optimum spectrum of properties for specific service applications. For this purpose, MagIC has established competencies and the appropriate equipment. 

Project areas:
- In situ investigation of the solidification of Mg-Rare Earth alloys by synchrotron radiation.
- Production of nanoparticle reinforced Mg composites.

URL for further information:

Contact: Dr. Norbert Hort, Dr. Domonkos Tolnai