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Each year, a number of students undertake research projects in the Department over the summer.

This year there are more project titles than we currently have funding for so not all projects will be allocated, which will be dependent upon the applicant and their project selection.

Students interested in such projects should list up to three of them, in ranked order of preference. The funding for these placements may come from one of the EPSRC summer studentships allocated to the Department or from elsewhere. Students may wish to contact supervisors of projects in which they have an interest, to check on exactly how they are likely to work, from both financial and other points of view. In any event, it will be made clear how they will be funded and administered once applications for projects have been approved.

As with most summer placements, research projects in the Department usually last about 8 weeks and the students receive bursaries of at least £200 per week.  Normally, students stay in their Colleges and the cost of this accommodation is covered from the bursary.

At the end of the placement, the student will be asked to complete a placement report form which includes detailing general costs incurred in relation to travel and accommodation and a personal rating of the project undertaken - for Department records.  The student may also have to write a 1-2 page non-technical report on their project depending upon the source of the bursary funding.