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This project is funded by a Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (2017-18) awarded by the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The project aims to explore the production of video content to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of courses in Engineering and Materials Science, via three work packages, addressing lectures, practical (laboratory) work and supervisions.  Specifically we seek to develop bite-sized and portable video packages which could replace course content currently delivered by traditional means in lecture theatres and practical classes. We will also develop video material which would reduce the formulaic aspects of supervisions and free up valuable time for deeper and more holistic coverage of the course.

The work to be undertaken in 2019 will follow on from groundwork put in during summer 2018.  Supervision and help are provided by academic advisors, however, there is plenty of scope for originality and independent input.  The students selected (up to 5) will be paid c. £225 per week. Normally, students are able to stay in their College for the duration of the project. The period of the project is likely to be from mid June until the end of July, and, in contrast to the other types of placement on offer within the CaMPUS scheme, there is incredibly little flexibility available concerning this timetable. Any prior video creation (or other!) skills may be helpful, but are not essential. Students who have taken part in the project last summer are particularly encouraged to consider doing so again and of course we welcome new students to the team.

Staff: Dr J.H. Gwynne, University of Cambridge, Dr N.A. Rutter, Monash University.