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Location: Swavesey, Cambridgeshire

Number of Placements: 2

Special Requirements for those choosing this placement: 
Must be a Part IB or a Part II student.

Period of Placement: 10 weeks in a block, any time between 17th June and 27 September inclusive.

Accommodation Arrangements: AIXTRON does not arrange accommodation. However, as we are located in Swavesey near to Cambridge students are usually able to arrange their own accommodation (e.g., in College) and commute from Cambridge using either the local Guided Bus service and a bike, or own car (free parking).

Profile of Firm:

AIXTRON is a world leading supplier of equipment to the semiconductor industry. Over the last 30+ years, our equipment has enabled many of the consumer products that we take for granted today, such as displays, lighting, fiber optics, wireless telecommunications and computing.   The AIXTRON Group employs 700 people and has revenue ~200MEuros.

Project Areas / Typical Projects:

  • Carbon Nanotube Growth
  • Graphene Growth and Transfer
  • 2D Material Growth
  • Metrology and in-situ monitoring during material deposition
  • Growth (CVD/MOCVD/PECVD) equipment hardware development

URL for further information:  Corporate website:, Product websites: or