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Location: Cambridge

Number of placements: 3-4

Period of placements:  10 weeks, commencing the beginning of July.

Accommodation arrangements: Granta does not arrange accommodation. However, as we are located in Cambridge (close to the railway station) students are usually able to arrange their own accommodation (e.g., in College).

Profile of firm: 
Granta are the materials information technology experts. We are a university spin-out company making specialist engineering software to manage and use property data relating to materials and processes. Applications for Granta software include: managing materials test data, materials selection during product design, and helping to minimize the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycle. Customers include CERN, ESA, NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari F1, Jaguar Land Rover, and Philips. Granta software is also used to support the teaching of materials at 1000 universities and colleges worldwide.

Granta seeks bright, enthusiastic, motivated materials undergraduates who want to develop and apply their materials knowledge, are competent with IT, and are interested in the experience of working in a relatively small (130 person), dynamic, high-tech business. Language skills are not required for most projects, but our very international client base means that we do have projects where fluency in languages (e.g., French, German, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese) would be an advantage.

Interns are each allocated their own project to work on during their 10 weeks, which will often directly contribute to Granta’s products and resources. You will have an individual supervisor to support you throughout the process (generally a specialist in the relevant area) as well as a full induction and training program.

Project areas / Typical past projects:

  • helping to research and develop materials information resources for eco properties
  • medical device applications, and nuclear energy
  • applying Granta software to study the environmental impact of materials choices made during car manufacturing
  • creating multimedia teaching resources for materials and manufacturing courses

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