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Location: Science Park, Cambridge

Number of Placements: 1

Period of Placement: A continuous period of 8 weeks is expected, starting between late June and late July

Accommodation Arrangements: Plastometrex does not arrange accommodation. Students are usually able to arrange their own accommodation (e.g., in College) and commute from central Cambridge to the outskirts of Cambridge using either local public transport or their own bike.

Profile of Firm:

Plastometrex (PX) is a start-up company that was created in October 2018.  It currently has 4 employees, although several other people are also actively involved.  The firm is oriented towards the development of Indentation Plastometry.  Technical details are available in the scientific literature ( and in a recent TLP (  The current focus is on development of a bench-top machine for obtaining stress-strain curves from indentation tests, incorporating a loading frame, profilometer and integrated software.  Initial sales are anticipated in the first half of 2020.  Work is also in progress on extending the capability to measurement of creep characteristics and residual stresses.

Project Areas / Typical Projects:

The project is not yet fully defined, but is likely to focus on development of the Indentation Creep Plastometer.  A prototype machine has already been built, but only limited trials have been carried out so far.  A systematic study is planned.  The project will involve conventional (uniaxial) creep testing of a selected alloy (probably a stainless steel), as well as indentation creep experiments.  This will be done over a range of temperature.  Some microstructural studies will also be undertaken.  The activity will involve familiarization with Finite Element Method (FEM) modeling of indenter penetration, which is central to Indentation Plastometry.

URL for further information:​  (or informal contact about this project may be made to Prof Bill Clyne)

NOTICE - Coronavirus - Nov 2020

The CaMPUS scheme is under review as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  We are not able to commence plans to send students on European placements due to rapidly changing travel and work restrictions, and we will review the viability of UK based placements with the hosts and the University of Cambridge in the spring. Thank you for your understanding.