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The "100 years of books" event was held in April 2021 as part of the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy's centenary celebrations. The list of books related specifically to the talk (provided by Prof Sir Harry Bhadeshia) as well as lists of other books authored or edited by members and former members of the Department are found below (kindly compiled by Dr Kevin Knowles).

Watch the recorded event online:

Books by Department members and former members

These are by no means exhaustive lists of books by Department members and former members and we welcome corrections and additions to be sent to us for consideration ( We especially would like to hear from those who studied Materials Science as an undergraduate and who went on to author or edit books later in their careers.

The definition of a book for these lists has been taken to be one which excludes being an editor of a general conference proceedings. However, editing of books arising from more focused, and more targeted, invitation-only workshops has been included.