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Teaching Fellow

MA, MSci University of Cambridge
PhD University of Cambridge

Teaching Fellow

As a Teaching Fellow, my responsibilities include giving lecture courses on a variety of aspects of materials science, including Electronic Properties of Materials and Nuclear Materials.

Biomedical Materials

My research within the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials has previously focused on polyurethane spinal disc replacements, and collagen fibres for tendon and ligament regeneration. I am currently working on bone regeneration scaffolds, as part of the InnovaBone consortium.

InnovaBone – Novel Biomimetic Strategy for Bone Regeneration

Our overall approach is to produce smart bioactive 3D scaffolds to fit within bone lesions, which we will then inject with functional, self-solidifying elastin-like polymers with controlled molecular architecture and sequences containing specific domains for cell attachment, growth factors and calcium phosphate nanoparticles. The resulting bioactive, biodegradable scaffolds, biogels and regenerated bone will be analysed for biomaterial effects on bone growth, healing, foreign body reactions, BioMEMS technology, in vivo animal models, non-invasive imaging and gene expression profiling. Biomaterials will also be tested with biodynamic assays to assess strength, durability, toxicology, sterilisation reaction and eco-toxicology.

Small angle X-ray diffraction of tendon
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