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The following people continue to contribute to the success of the Department.

Senior Affiliates

Barber Z. Prof (Editor of Material Eyes)
Leake J.A. Dr
Saxton W.O. Dr
Wallach E.R. Dr



Distinguished Research Fellows (with their email addresses where permission given)

Blamire M.G. Prof
Bonfield   W. Prof
Bristowe P.D. Dr
Burstein G.T. Prof
Clyne T.W. Prof
Cheetham A.K. Prof Sir
Davis E.A. Prof
Dolby R.E. Dr
Fray D.J. Prof
Glowacki B.A. Prof
Hull D. Prof
Humphreys C.J. Prof Sir
Rao C.N.R.   Prof
Schwandt C. Dr
Stowell M.J. Dr
Thrush E. Dr
Windle A.H. Prof
Wood J.V. Prof