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The MPhil programme in Micro- & Nanotechnology Enterprise is an exciting opportunity in which world-leading scientists and successful entrepreneurs are brought together to deliver a one-year Master’s degree, which combines an in-depth multidisciplinary scientific programme with a global perspective on the commercial opportunities and business practice necessary for the successful exploitation.

Students are based in the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, but attend some programmes in other parts of the University. The programme is modular in structure, with each module consisting of a set number of lectures with additional discussion groups and personal study time. The modules are taught in the first two terms and are followed by formal examinations.  The modules are drawn from Science and Technology, Business Management and Innovation strands and so cover the many complexities involved in the processes of discovery and exploitation. Students then go on to complete either a business or scientific research project. The programme lasts 10 months.

There is an annual intake of around 10 students selected through a highly competetive application process.

A summary of the 2016-17 courses is found below. Full synopses and a list of lecturers are found within the Course Handbook (available below).

  • NE.01: Characterisation Techniques
  • NE.02: MEMS Design
  • NE.04: Nanofabrication Techniques
  • NE.05: Nanomaterials
  • NE.06: Nanochemistry
  • NE.07: Physics at the Nanometre-Scale
  • NE.08: Bionanotechnology
  • NE.09: Nanoelectrochemistry
  • NE.10: Energy Materials
  • NE.11: Nano Self Assembly
  • Science Communication in Media, Business and Research
  • Societal & Ethical Dimensions of Micro and Nanotechnology
  • MoTI: Management of Technology and Innovation

Informal enquiries may be made to the course administrator

Links to the Moodle site for currently registered students can be found in here.