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Banner image: A transmission electron micrograph of elastically flexible ceramic material (up to 90 wt % weight) on nano structured carbon backbone (10 wt %) for new applications in ultra-small sensors, flexible energy devices and energy harvesters.


Environmental Sensors:

Over the years researched and developed a number of innovative sensors for monitoring & controlling gases in industrial process, environmental safety and pollution control leading to industrialisation by S4H Ltd in India and EMC Ltd in the UK.

The Materials Chemistry group are currently developing a totally new platform sensing technology based upon semiconductor chips that a single micro-chip can be designed for monitoring any gaseous component, a mixture of gases and dust (PM2.5 and PM10). A spin-out company called Cambridge Nano Sensors Ltd has been set up to exploit this new invention for game-changing applications in air quality monitoring, home environment, industrial processes, health and fitness monitoring, automotive applications and others. These sensors can be made compatible with smart phones and pocket devices.


Researchers working in this discipline area