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Prof C Ducati

Electron microscopy (EM) is one of the primary characterization tools for materials science, and essential to the study of microstructure, crystallography and composition at high spatial resolution. The purpose of this course is to explore the main EM imaging and analytical techniques, and discuss how they can be used in materials research.

We will describe electron optics and detectors used in scanning and transmission electron microscopes. We will explain how different signals are generated, collected and analysed quantitatively to investigate the morphology, composition, and crystallography of materials at the nano-scale.  

Through examples, we will explore how SEM and TEM techniques are applied to study specific materials problems.

This lecture course will cover:

Scanning electron microscopy

  • Electron optics and detectors in the SEM
  • Beam specimen interactions
  • Image formation and contrast mechanisms in the SEM
  • X-ray microanalysis

Transmission electron microscopy

  • Electron optics and detectors in the TEM
  • Image formation and main contrast mechanisms in TEM