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A bench on the patio outside the new common room was commissioned and installed on the 23rd September 2016 in memory of David Duke recognising his central place in department life.



List of supporters:

C. Amey

C. F. Johnston

Z.H. Barber

M. W. Johnston

S. M. Best

K.M. Knowles

E. G Bithel

R.V. Kumar

M. Blamire

J.A. Leake

W. Bonfield

S. B. Lyon

P. Bristowe

R. Merry

R. Cameron

A. J. Muir-Wood

G. Chapman

R. Moskovic

J. Charles

R. A.Oliver

A.K. Cheetham

S.W. Ooi

J. Chen

C. M. Rae

L. L. Dann

C. Schwandt

J. Driscoll

A. Shirzadi

C. Ducati

A.D. Stevens

J. H. Durrell

F. Tang

J. A Elliott

J. M. Thomas

M.T. Evans

M. Vickers

D. J. Fray

B. Welland

M. Glanfield

A. H. Windle

A. L. Greer

E. R. Wright

S. Hanna

D. Zhu

R.J. Hobson


S. Homent


C. J. Humphreys


List updated on the 12/10/2015


For more information contact: Dr Rachel Hobson, email:, tel: 01223 334328.