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Dr E R Wallach

The course deals with the design and use of metallic alloys with a focus on the development and control of microstructure, the relationships between microstructure and properties, and applications. The major metallic alloy systems are covered. In addition, anisotropy is addressed since the structures, and hence properties, of many materials (natural and man-made) are not uniform and anisotropic behaviour is seen (and often optimised) when they are used in service. The lectures conclude with an overview of different types of non-destructive testing with an emphasis on those that are most relevant industrially.

This lecture course will cover:

  • introduction and production of light alloys (Al, Ti, Mg)
  • aluminium alloys
  • titanium alloys, including superplasticity
  • magnesium alloys
  • anisotropy in both single crystal and polycrystalline material
  • steels with a review of the basis types and their properties
  • copper alloys, overview
  • nickel alloys, overview and superalloys
  • non-destructive testing