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Prof J H Gwynne

In this course, we will begin by investigating the relationships between structure and properties in soft natural materials, including proteins, polysaccharides, and composites of proteins and polysaccharides (particularly soft tissues in animals).

We will then explore the issues surrounding the design of a material to replace a failed natural material in a medical context. We will focus on soft tissue replacement, including spinal disc replacement, vascular grafts, skin grafts and tissue engineering scaffolds. We will also cover drug delivery systems, particularly those for controlled delivery.

This lecture course will cover:

Structure and properties of:

  • proteins: silks, keratin, collagen, protein rubbers
  • polysaccharides: cellulose, starch, chitin, pectin, carrageenans, hyaluronic acid
  • soft tissue in animals: tendon and ligament, skin, sea anemone skeleton, artery, cartilage, intervertebral disc

Biomedical materials:

  • issues to consider when designing a biomaterial
  • spinal disc replacement blood contacting implants: vascular grafts and heart valves skin grafts tissue engineering scaffolds controlled drug delivery devices