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Prof X Moya

In this course, concepts concerning the rate of heat transfer and the mode by which such a transfer takes place will be discussed. Both analytical and empirical equations and models governing heat transfer will be evaluated and applied to selected case studies.

Mass transfer will be introduced in concept as an analogue to the heat transfer equations and models, and applied to practical problem solving.

This lecture course will cover:

Heat Transfer

  • Basic concepts of heat transfer by conduction, convection and thermal radiation and their relevance to metallurgical processes
  • Heat conduction equation; convection and heat transfer calculations; thermal resistance; heat transfer coefficient; selected dimensionless groups; radiation from black and grey surfaces
  • Case studies: Combined modes of heat transfer in (a) induction heating and (b) plasma spraying

Mass Transfer

  • Fluid flow and viscosity; mass transfer in metallurgical processes; mass transfer coefficient and inter-phase mass transfer
  • Case studies: Applications of mass transfer calculations to (a) gas dissolution in molten metals and (b) metal refining reactions