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Location:  ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland

Number of placements: 1

Project areas:

  1. Soft Materials and Interfaces - Prof. Lucio Isa
  2. Rheology of soft materials, with novel techniques investigating the elastoplastic response in what are called yield stress fluids. The work would entail experimental rheology and imaging in light of their constitutive modeling - Prof. Jan Vermant
  3. Metallic materials, metallic glasses, biomaterials - Prof. Jörg F. Löffler

Period of placements: 91 days [UK passport holders - entry requirements]

Special Requirements for those choosing this placement: Will only accept students who have completed the first two years of their studies by the start of the placement.

Status information - summer 2024: 

1. Students will be admitted as a "Project Mobility Student" and must stay for 91 days. There will not be any fees payable and the whole administration is completed by the Student Exchange Office (student card, keys, email account, etc.), see

2. Information about preparing for your stay is found here  The Student Exchange Office does not provide student accommodation but Mobility students are informed about their options and receive tips on finding accommodation,which are found at the link.  Previous CaMPUS students have successfully obtained accommodation via WOKO.  The Student Exchange Office does not provide scholarships or travel support.

3.  Students undertaking a visit to ETHZ as a "Project Mobility Student" will receive all the information and confirmations they need for the Swiss entry formalities from the Student Exchange Office.  Students staying in Switzerland for more than 90 days require a residence permit (paid for by the student), therefore, if you do not need a visa to visit Switzerland for a stay of more than 90 days, please ensure you start your application to the Student Exchange Office at least two months ahead of your visit.  If you will need a visa to visit Switzerland for a stay of more than 90 days, you are advised to start your application to the Student Exchange Office at least three months ahead of your visit.  Please do not submit a visa application before contacting the Student Exchange Office - the Student Exchange Office will provide the information needed to make the visa application. An incorrectly submitted visa application can lead to considerable delays.  Please note that the Student Exchange Office does not pay for visa application fees.  The student must cover the costs themselves.  More information is found here

[Note: UK passport holders who are "British Citizens", as defined at the weblink provided below, do not need a visa to visit Switzerland for stays of 90 days in any 180-day period or for stays over 90 days (, however, please be mindful that if you will transit other countries within the Schengen area while travelling to and from Switzerland, you may need to obtain a visa appropriate for a stay of >90 days.  Transiting between airplanes at an airport with an international transit zone en route from the UK to Switzerland and back again should not require a visa, but travelling by land is highly likely to require you to obtain a Schengen visa since you will not be able to prove your entry/exit of the Schengen area is less than 90 days in order to entitle you to visa-free travel within that area.  Please make sure you check the situation for your own personal circumstances and intended travel arrangements.  Non-EU/EFTA passport holders should also check on entry requirements for Switzerland and the wider Schengen area based on their own personal circumstances and intended travel arrangements.]

Accommodation arrangements: CHF 800-1200(~£700-1050) per month. You will need to find your own accommodation for the stay, see information above.

Financial support from hosts: The D-MATL hosting group contributes 1785 CHF (~£1580) for 91 days and helps with the administration process and accommodation, if needed.

Other financial support:  You will receive a bursary from the Department of Materials Science.  The value is yet to be determined, however, it would be wise to also seek additional funds for your visit due to the length of the stay.  Your College may have funds available to support academic trips of this nature.

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:The Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule in Zurich is one of the two Federal Swiss Universities (the other being at the EPFL at Lausanne). Zurich is a prosperous and attractive city, at the head of the Zurichsee lake. The ETHZ, which is located close to the historic centre, has an excellent reputation for research in materials-related areas. Placements are available in the areas listed below. The students should have some experience in the field in which the group is active.

URL for further information:

  1., Prof. Lucio Isa 
  2., Prof. Jan Vermant
  3., Prof. Jörg F. Löffler

Main contact:  Prof. Andrei Gusev (ETHZ co-ordinator)