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Location: Cambridge

Number of Placements: 1

Period of Placement: 8 weeks during July to September

Accommodation Arrangements: Barocal does not arrange accommodation. Students are usually able to arrange their own accommodation (e.g., in College) and commute from central Cambridge using either public transport or their own bike.

Profile of the Firm:

Barocal Ltd., founded in 2019, is a spin-out of the University of Cambridge that is pioneering barocaloric technology to satisfy low-carbon heating and cooling requirements and provide a unique efficient solution without greenhouse gases. Our technology exploits materials that display large thermal changes on application and removal of pressure, known as barocaloric materials

The challenge

Heating  and  cooling  represent  the  largest  contribution  to  energy  consumption  and the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonising heating and cooling is   key   to   achieving   net-zero   carbon   dioxide   emissions.   However,   existing technologies  still  rely  heavily  on  the  combustion  of  natural  gas  to  provide  heating, and on the compression of volatile greenhouse gases to provide cooling

Our solution

Barocal’s cutting edge technology offers a new horizon for heating and cooling systems by using innovative solid refrigerants that are safe and have zero greenhouse global potential

Projects: Research themes are not yet confirmed.  Please get in touch with the Teaching Office if interested in this host and you require more information about the research themes at this stage.

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