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NOTICE: The 2023-24 applications will be open towards the end of the Michaelmas Term. Eligible students will receive an email directly.  The information found within these pages will be updated over the course of October/November 2023.

The 2023-2024 summer placement scheme for Cambridge undergraduates offers internships lasting typically 8 weeks, with a range of hosts.  Some internships may be for longer periods but that will be specified. These placements can be at universities, research institutes or industrial laboratories in continental Europe or at UK industrial research establishments. In all cases, the placement is expected to be approximately cost-neutral for the student – i.e. the Department will endeavor to provide funds at a sufficient level to cover the majority of the associated travel, accommodation and living expenses. In the case of the European placements, students are expected to apply to their College or other funds to seek further financial assistance which will contribute to the overall bursary package they receive. The scheme is administered by the Department Teaching Committee.

In Summer 2024 there will be ~10 European placements on offer, distributed around 8 host institutions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  There will also be a total of ~6 internships available with UK firms (mostly based in or near Cambridge).  Within the Department there will be ~10 research projects on offer, and 2 internships within the DoITPoMS summer school.  Though, depending upon funding available, not all will be assigned to a student.  This particularly applies to the European placements and research projects since the value of the funds available for these will be determined at a later date.

Applications must be made (online) between the beginning of December and the middle of January. Students in the following cohorts are eligible to apply:

  • Part IA Materials Science
  • Part IB Materials Science
  • Part II Materials Science

Up to three (ranked) choices can be made between:

In the first three cases a further (ranked) choice can be made of up to three locations or projects. Selection is competitive, based on CV information supplied (online) by applicants. Each applicant will also input the email addresses of two referees, who will be asked to provide references (online). Referees should ideally be a College DoS and a current or recent Materials supervisor. All applicants will be contacted by the end of February, with either: (i) the offer of a single, specified placement or (ii) the offer to be put on a reserve list (for up to 3 months). In both cases, the offer must be either accepted or declined by the deadline specified in the offer. In the case of a placement offer, acceptance by the student is regarded as binding, unless exceptional circumstances subsequently arise. In the case of students on the reserve list, a placement offer may be made at any time during the 3-month period, and must be accepted or declined by the deadline specified in the offer. Any student who declines more than two offers is removed from the reserve list.