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Associate Teaching Professor

MA, MSci University of Cambridge
PhD University of Cambridge

Teaching Associate

As a Teaching Associate I work alongside the Director of Undergraduate Teaching and the rest of the academic staff to coordinate, develop and deliver the Materials Science Undergraduate course.

I lecture on a range of subjects usually focussing on structural materials and mechanical properties such as ceramics, fracture, fatigue, tensors, and structures. I have an interest in developing the project work in the department, such as the alloy design project in part II and computing courses that run within the Department.

Prior to my current role I undertook research in the Gordon Laboratory, investigating plastic flow in intermetallics and complex metallic alloys. In particular, the effect of heterogeneous elastic properties with large unit cells, such as those of the MAX phases, and how this affects the flow characteristics of dislocations.

I am also a fellow of Murray Edwards college where I am a tutor and Director of Studies for Materials Science.


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