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Prof P A Midgley

Transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) are among the most powerful analytical tools available for materials scientists. The ability to determine atomic structure through imaging and diffraction makes the technique a mainstay for materials characterisation and the inclusion of sensitivity to composition and electromagnetic polarisation means that many aspects of solid-state science can be investigated.

This course aims to provide a broad insight into the operation of TEM and the specific operation in a number of different analytical modes. The application of the technique to modern materials research will be highlighted through the inclusion of recent research articles with the aim to provide those students continuing to research degrees with useful practical knowledge base of the role of TEM in modern research.

This lecture course will cover:

  • Fundamentals of lens optics and the specific limitations of electron lenses
  • Electron diffraction and electron crystallography
  • Imaging theory
  • Contrast arising from dynamical scattering
  • Scanning transmission electron microscopy
  • Spectroscopic analysis in the TEM