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NOTICE: It is our intention that we will open applications for the 2021-22 (i.e. summer 2022) scheme at the end of Michaelmas Term 2021.  These pages therefore are a work in progress.  Information on when applications will be open will be circulated to eligible students later in the term.

Are you interested in helping the Department to develop web-based teaching resources? is heavily used on a global basis, and includes over 60 teaching and learning packages (TLPs).

Activities carried out during the DoITPoMS summer schools have included enhancement of the DoITPoMS Libraries, particularly the devising of new TLPs, and have in some cases involved the development of new or improved practicals. Naturally, supervision and help are provided, although there is scope for originality and independent input, and contributing students are credited on the website. In particular, technical help will be available concerning the production of images, videos, animations and simulations etc.

The 2-3 students are expected to be selected and students are usually able to stay in their College for the duration of the DoITPoMS summer school. The period of the summer school is from early July until mid-late August and, in contrast to the other types of placement on offer within the CaMPUS scheme, there is no flexibility available concerning this timetable.  

It is expected that students will be engaged as temporary workers, as advised by the University in summer 2019, and will receive at least the national minimum wage per hour.  Students will be expected to pay income tax and national insurance contributions on their gross earnings where due.  Right to Work in the UK rules apply.  This arrangement may be subject to change if the University makes any revisions to how departments should handle summer activities of this type.

Any prior IT (or other!) skills may be helpful, but are not essential. Students who have taken part in previous DoITPoMS summer schools are particularly encouraged to consider doing so again.  

At the end of the summer school, students will be asked to complete a placement report form which includes detailing the form of the TLP project undertaken, skills needed, support provided and a summary of the activities undertaken - for Department records.