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The Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy is committed to learning within the field of science and technology. The selection mentioned below are representative of the activities organised by the Department for schools, colleges and their pupils.

  • Residential science courses for prospective (Cambridge) students
  • Web-based teaching resources
  • Making Materials Matter outreach project (a Student Extended Investigation)

We have also participated in other University or College-based activities where able, such Physics at Work (hosted by the Cavendish Laboratory). Some other examples are found on our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pages.

Additionally, our Optical Nanomaterials Group have developed some activities for those who are visually impaired.  The resource modules are available to download allowing educators to replicate the activities developed.

If you are looking for undergraduate admissions information please look on the Cambridge Admissions Office website and visit our Undergraduate tab to find out more about Materials Science at the University of Cambridge - you'll also find information on our courses from a student perspective there!

Information on our public engagement activities can be found in our Outreach pages.