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Location: Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures, EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research), Thun, Switzerland

Number of placements: 2

Special Requirements for those choosing this placement: 

Students must be an EU or EFTA passport holder.

Project areas: Mechanical properties of thin films, nanowires and micropillars. Nanoindentation and scanning electron microscope based nanoindentation and nanobending strengths measurements and data analysis. Thin film deposition via atomic layer deposition, physical vapor deposition. Characterization of thin films by XRR, XRD, ellipsometry, SEM.  3D deposition by focused electron/ion beams.

Period of placements: at least 10 weeks between June - September

Accommodation arrangements: up to 810 CHF per month (~£720 per month) will be paid for accommodation costs with proof of receipt (EMPA can assist with local information on where to find for accommodation).

Financial support from hosts: CHF 750 per month before local tax (approx. CHF 670 per month after local tax, ~£590 per month).

Language: German, English, French

Profile of institution:
Thun is situated at a beautiful lake within the Swiss Alps. EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research) is a materials research institute and is together with ETHZ and EPFL part of the ETH-Domain.  The institue has a strong focus on nanomechanics, nanostructuring of materials, and nanoanalysis methods. The institute hosts about 70 employees, currently from 15 different countries including approximately 20 graduate students.

URL for further information:

Contact: Dr. Ivo Utke