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The Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy participated in the brand new Cambridge Festival ( in Spring 2021, which replaced both the Cambridge Science Festival and Festival of Ideas.  

In 2021, all our events were pre-recorded for registered participants to watch at their convenience during the Cambridge Festival. These are now available to all using the links below.

View our event listings on the Cambridge Festival website:





Engineering memories  12yrs+ Discover the materials used in memory devices, how we create them, how we test them, and what we can do to make them better!
The Science of Ice Cream  8yrs+ Investigate the incredible material properties of ice cream and discover the science behind why ice cream tastes so good.
Channelling light using glow-in-the-dark dyes 12yrs+ Come along to our virtual demonstration as we create glow-in-the-dark liquids and show how paint can be used to help capture sunlight.
Hidden in Plane Flight: The Unknown Story of Alloy Development in Aerospace  12yrs+ How do we design the alloys that keep our planes moving? Join us on a journey from the humble atom to the extreme environment of the jet engine. Follow the story from materials selection to performance optimisation, as we delve into the world of alloy design.
The fine print: Towards wearable electronics  12yrs+ This talk presents recent advances in additive manufacturing techniques, whereby functional nanomaterials can be directly "printed" to create devices for wearable electronics.
Lots and lots of light bulbs  4-8yrs
In this interactive workshop we will talk about where the energy which powers our lights comes from, and why some light bulbs waste lots of energy.
We'll explain different materials used to make light bulbs and think about which ones waste least energy and why.
Secrets and Lights  12yrs+ We will explain the opportunities which quantum technology and its relevant materials pose for future communication technologies.