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Earth-abundant pixels produce hydrogen for weeks

June, 2022

Virgil Andrei, Robert A. Jagt et al. ‘Long-term solar water and CO2 splitting with photoelectrochemical BiOI–BiVO4 tandems’ Nature Materials (2022)

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My hump, my hump, my lovely Hall effect lumps

May, 2022

Graham Kimbell, Changyoung Kim, Weida Wu, Mario Cuoco & Jason W. A. Robinson, "Challenges in identifying chiral spin textures via the topological Hall effect", Communications Materials 3, 19 (2022)

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The ‘effective modulus’ in cubic single crystals subjected to full transverse constraint

April, 2022

Kevin M. Knowles, "The 'effective modulus' in cubic single crystals subjected to full transverse constraint", European Journal of Mechanics A / Solids 92 (2022) 104411.

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Making new glasses more hydrophobic

March, 2022

A. M. Bumstead, I. Pakamorė, K. D. Richards, M. F. Thorne, S. S. Boyadjieva, C. Castillo-Blas, L. N. McHugh, A. F. Sapnik, D. S. Keeble, D. A. Keen, R. C. Evans, R. S. Forgan, and T. D. Bennett. “Post-Synthetic Modification of a Metal–Organic Framework Glass”, Chemistry of Materials (2022)

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New carbonates uncovered

February, 2022

Joseph R. Nelson, Richard J. Needs, and Chris J. Pickard. "Navigating the Ti-C-O and Al-C-O ternary systems through theory-driven discovery." Physical Review Materials 5, no. 12 (2021): 123801

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