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The Department is conscious that the health and wellbeing of its members are of great importance in order to have a thriving and productive community.  The University has initiated a Wellbeing Advocate scheme and the Department has become part of this network.

The Department has three Wellbeing Advocates: Markus Hellenbrand, James Hope, and Tomeu Monserrat, who are available to staff and students. They are able to provide guidance and a general signposting service about wellbeing issues, including mental or physical health and dignity at work concerns.  

James Hope welcomes suggestions from Department members for activities that could be organised within the Department such as a reading group, a knitting group, a local lunchtime walking group or even a cake club, which could allow people to take time-out from their busy day to relax and enhance their wellbeing.

Other support, campaigns and policy that are of relevance to health and wellbeing are found below:

General wellbeing

Health and Mental Health