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Location:  Düsseldorf, Germany

Number of placements: 2 (2 hosts)

Project areas:
General subject areas are:

  • mechanical properties of nanostructured materials/interfaces/thin films
  • high-temperature structural materials based on intermetallic phases
  • characterization of degradation mechanisms in energy related materials

Special Requirements for those choosing this placement: Will only accept students who have completed the first two years of their studies by the start of the placement

Period of placements: 2 months, July and August (full calendar months preferred due to accommodation restrictions)

Accommodation arrangements: at least 800 Euro (~£680) per month (assistance will be given in finding accommodation)

Financial support from hosts: 700 Euro (~£595) per month

Language: German, with English widely spoken

Profile of institution:
The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) conducts basic research on advanced materials, specifically steels and related metallic alloys. In addition to the development of new materials, the Institute focuses on the physical and chemical processes and reactions that are of importance for material production, processing, materials characterization and properties.

In the Department of Structure and Micro-/Nanomechanics of Materials, work focuses on thin films, nanostructured materials and intermetallics applying in situ methods to characterize, understand and interlink mechanics and microstructure.

URL for further information:

Contact: Prof. Gerhard Dehm and Dr. Frank Stein